The Global Payments Integrator.

Real-time payments reconciliation and processing.
Integrated with your local and international
bank accounts, payment processors, CRMs, ERPs
and on-premises infrastructure.

The Global Payments Integrator.

Meet All Your Needs

Go Paperless

Store digital receipts in the cloud and accept EMV transactions fast.

Store Cards On File

Tokenized cards on file let you refund or recharge with one click.

Automate Recurring

Stop chasing down customers and streamline.

Automate Pay Out

Automate disbursements, supplier payments and payroll payments.

Scale Globally

Accept payments across any gateway, geography or currency without any additional integration effort.

Integrate Seamlessly

Add payments to your software with no middleware.

Solve any complex task, in few clicks.

Over 100+ Features

Over 100+ Features

Everything you need to grow, it is a click away.

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Ready-to-go Custom Checkout

Ready-to-go Custom Checkout

Our ready to-go checkout plugin, and checkout landing, bring your own logo and colors. No devs needed.

Bring your brand with you

Upload your logo, set your card's soft descriptor, add your custom domain, and design your own email notifications.

Rapid Credit Card Refunds

Refunds don't have to be inconvenient. Instead, simply search and issue a refund with a click.

Manage Vendors and Users

Adjust user permissions to restrict actions and access as desired.

Online and Offline Payment Methods

Accept and automate Online Card Payments, Direct Debit, Offline Payments, and Bank transfers.

Departments and Sub-Organizations

Manage multiple batches in one place for easier deposit reconciliation.

Over +300 Integrations Over +300 Integrations

Over +300 Integrations

Scale your business in no time. Connect to 100+ of payment gateways, over 50+ CRMs, and more.

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